Sartorial Elegance collection

This 6 look collection was created for my senior studio design course at North Carolina State University. This collection was inspired by traditional equestrian horseback riding apparel and included 4 women’s looks and 2 men’s looks. I completed research while developing this collection which focused on post consumer apparel consumption. All garments were created outContinue reading “Sartorial Elegance collection”

Hand Illustrations

A series of illustrations done using mixed media. All garments were taken from runway looks.

Technical Flat Hand Drawings

Series of hand drawn technical flats for a Fashion Design course at my study abroad school- Accademia Italiana. My final project was to create looks for each season and include a theme board, fabric swatches and color palette.

Harlowe- Gerber Project

The Harlowe look was created for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16. This market most likely relies on their parents income and they prefer a style both trendy and comfortable which influences the moderate price point of these garments as well as the fabrication that I chose. This look was completed using LectraContinue reading “Harlowe- Gerber Project”

Mini collection

This mini collection was completed for a draping course at North Carolina State University. All garments were created utilizing skills learned in the draping course and the patterns were drafted by hand. The garments were constructed with industrial interlock sewing machines and sergers.

Layered- Knit Design Project

        The textile design for this sweater was created using Lectra Kaledo Print software and simulated in Lectra Kaledo Knit. The original idea was inspired by artist Piet Mondrian for the color palette and grid style. Some variations were created for added interest on the sleeves and side panels of the garment. All fabric was […]