Sartorial Elegance collection

This 6 look collection was created for my senior studio design course at North Carolina State University. This collection was inspired by traditional equestrian horseback riding apparel and included 4 women’s looks and 2 men’s looks. I completed research while developing this collection which focused on post consumer apparel consumption.

All garments were created out of fabrics with 100% fiber compositions of wool, silk and cotton. Each piece could be recycled after use and the fibers could be re spun and used for fabric again in a closed-loop recycling process. The pattern pieces were developed using Gerber Accumark and cut with Lectra Pattern Design software. I also used a combination of Kaledo Print and Adobe Photoshop to develop designs to print on silk which were used for scarves and lace details throughout the collection.

This collection was presented at the Emerging Designer Showcase which was a fashion show held in May 2019 at The Talley Student Union in Raleigh, NC. Photography done by Taylor McDonald.

Mood Board
Initial sketches

Published by Emma Yacovelli

Soft Accessories Design Intern at Nordstrom NPG